Thursday, 27 August 2015

Cara Delevingne Inspired Makeup

Hi everyone! Another celebrity inspired makeup for you, in particular the ever loveable and eyebrow goddess that is Cara Delevingne. She is one of my biggest inspirations because she is always true to herself and I think that is one of the most important things a person can do. Anyway, Cara does change up her makeup quite a bit, obviously it comes with the job, but she always seems to fall back on smokey, grungy eyes. This look is inspired by a particular image but is a great example of her usual eye makeup.

She wore this to one of the Paper Towns Premiers and looked stunning. I am really happy with this look, it's like a grunge, blown out take on old hollywood makeup and I absolutely love it! Obviously I look nothing like Cara, but I actually think this is a really good look for most skin tones, if you alter the darkness of the eye it can be really flattering. 

L'Oreal True Match Foundation in N1
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 01 Fair
Sleek Face Form Palette in Light (only the bronze shade)
Sleek Blush in Life's a Peach
Body Shop Colour Crush Eyeshadow in Chocolate Linger as Contour
Makeup Revolution Radiant Light Powder in Breath used as a brightening powder and highlight
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

Sleek Au Natural Palette Shade Bark used for brows, Noir used on lash line
Clinique Lid Smoothies in Seventh Heather as a base
Body Shop Colour Crush Eyeshadow in Coconuts About You and Chocolate Linger
Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Mascara 
Individual Eyelashes
(I actually used eyelashes from the pound shop which I cut up to make my own inexpensive individual lashes, however Eylure or Tanya Burr Cosmetics do really good individual lashes)

Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick in 01 Queen of Hearts
and great precision with a lip brush

I am in love with this look. It is really simple, and aside from the eyelashes, which you can obviously leave out, it's really quick. I also think this makes me blue eyes pop like cray which is always a plsu. I'm not really sure how I feel about my attempt at Cara brows, after playing around, I decided to just go a shade darker and try to make them a little bushier. It's just so different from what I usually see everyday. I can't decide if I like them or not. Let me know if you do in the comments! 


Monday, 24 August 2015

Art Eye: Heroic Roses, Paul Klee

Hey everyone! I finally have another art eye for you, there has been many attempts at other ones in the last few weeks, but unfortunately sometimes they just don't work out but that's ok. It's all about trial and error. Thankfully this one worked out so I had something to post. This time I decided to look at Paul Klee and his painting Heroic Roses.

This expressionist piece called out to me because of the strong geometric shapes, so I knew it would be impactful and strong in terms of makeup. I like that the colours are sort of strong and muted at the same time, and that it embodies Klee's colour theory and his childlike painting style, in the rough and quick outlines and filling in. It's almost like a page from a colouring book, and I love it.

For this one, I only used face paints and mascara, obviously you can use eyeliner for the outline, but I just used what was closest to me (hey, I'm lazy like that). I really like this art eye, it was really easy to do, although it took some time, and it's really fun to outline the shapes! I think it looks so good from far away, and it kinda reminds me of Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. 

I hope you all enjoyed this art eye, hopefully I will have some more of these up soon. Just a quick update to let you all know that I made it into university to study makeup! I am so excited about it, and although it means I might not have enough time to spend on this blog, I will try my hardest and I will be a lot better than I was when I started this blog! Thank you so much for reading.


Thursday, 20 August 2015

Pinspired: Mary-Kate Olsen Makeup

Hey everyone! I constantly see some pins on pinterest, some just seem to get rotated around the pin-sphere everyday. I always see this pin in particular, and it is one of my favourites.

I love eyeliner, I wear it almost everyday and it's a staple for me. I just love how this is sort of sultry yet simple, the liner the clear focus. The face is really clean and fresh with soft pink lips and mauve-y eyes with that amazing eyeliner and bold lashes. Perfect for me! So, I decided to recreate it. Get your flicks on, this ones for the liner lovers.

I am in love with this look. Obviously this liner is BIG, it's larger than I would usually do my eyeliner and I like my liner thick! I only used one eyeshadow, concentrating it first in my crease and then dusting it over the moving lid, so the eye look is really quick and easy to do if you are a dab hand at liner. I just love how simple and quick this is but how impactful it is as well. It is simple, sultry, effortless glamour and I bloody love it. 

Product List:

Mac Prep+Prime Skin Base
L'Oreal True Match Foundation in N1 and Rimmel Match Perfection in 100 Ivory mixed
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 1 Fair
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent
Body Shop Colour Crush Eyeshadow in Coconuts About You (used as contour)
Natural Collection Blush in Peach Melba
Makeup Revolution Radiant Lights Powder in Breath

Sleek Au Naturel Palette, Shade Bark
Rimmel Glam Eyes Shadow in Serene

W7 In The Buff palette (Naked 2 dupe) shades Chocolate and Onyx (to go over liner to intensify)
Rimmel Black Liquid Eyeliner
L'oreal Colour Riche Kohl in White
Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Mascara

Kiko Frosted Look Lipstick in 02 Brisk Mauve
Clinique Lipstick in Blushing Nude Soft Shine
Lip Balm (I used Vaseline but any clear or pink lip balm will do)

I am hopefully bringing you another art eye this week, so watch out for that. I was wondering if you guys like my 'ordinary' blog posts (favourites and wearable looks like this) or if you want more avant garde, or maybe you like both? Let me know in the comments! 


Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Best Makeup Tutorials for Glasses Wearers

Hey everyone! Most of you won't know that in my blogging break, I acquired glasses and am now suffering with all the issues that go along with it, makeup wise that is. And what do you do when you have a problem? Turn to the Internet of course. There are thousands of makeup tutorials for glasses wearers out there and some of them are really useful, and of course you don't have to wear glasses to do these makeup looks, they still look just as amazing on a frame free face. So instead of creating another tutorial for you, I thought I would share with you some of my favourites.

Now, just to address the main issues we face.

  1. The rubbing off of makeup when the glasses sit on our nose and around the frames.
  2. Making sure you eyes are well defined.
  3. What to do with our eyebrows
  4. The balance of the makeup.

By far the best, all round makeup tutorial I have found that covers all this, my holy grail glasses tutorial if you will, is by Sharon Farrell. If you don't know who Sharon is, you should totally check her out, she is AMAZING. I have watched her for years now and I love pretty much everything she does. She has such a soothing voice, she knows what she is talking about because she is a very talented makeup artist, and she is a very good teacher and just an all round beautiful person. But this tutorial was a life saver when I first got glasses. She took problems and tips that were sent in to her on facebook by people that actually wear glasses and explained her solutions, being a glasses wearer herself. It has great tips for the slight changes you should make to your everyday makeup to keep up with your frames.

Tanya Burr, one of the sweetest British youtubers, wears glasses occasionally, and has collaborated with specsavers to bring us two glasses looks, one day time and the other evening. There are more tips and advice in the daytime video, but the eye in the evening one is divine. These two videos focus on the eye makeup and how to make your eyes stand out behind your lenses.

The next video is from the youtube channel charissechristine23. I absolutely love this makeup, and it is a brilliant example of how you can use bolder colours and get away with it because of how you glasses tone down the colours. She also demonstrates how this can be used instead of heavy eyeliner, so if you aren't into a cat eye, or if it doesn't flatter your eye shape than going bolder with your eyeshadow colour is a safe bet, or even softly defining your eyes with a darker eyeshadow can work just as well.

This tutorial from the Real Technique youtube channel, featuring their creator Sam Chapman, is perfect for a smokey and office appropriate makeup. In this video she shows us how to make our eyes bigger or small, which would depend on your prescription as to which you would use. The makeup is really simple, quick and easy which makes it perfect for everyday. If you didn't already know, I am obsessed with Pixiwoo so they were bound to sneak into this list somewhere.

Probably the most similar to my quick everyday makeup is this tutorial by Essie Button. She opts for the simple yet defining eyeliner with a flick and bolder brows. This is again perfect for an everyday look, because it's not too complicated and done up and is the perfect balance between subtle and glam.

We glasses wearers do still like to party and hands down the best video's for glam glasses makeup looks come from Hayley Kassel. Being drop dead gorgeous probably helps a lot, as well as being sassy af, but Kassels has a whole bunch of glam glasses looks from berry lips to blue eyeliner to an all over dewy face. Definitely check out all of her glasses tutorials, I'll leave her entire playlist linked, because she is amazing at what she does.

The last tutorial I love is by The Vintage Vision, and sometimes you just want, or need, to get a bit grungy. I personally felt like it was hard to pull off grungy with glasses because they are so structural and defining on your face, basically the opposite of what a grunge look is. That was until I watched this tutorial. Honestly, I absolutely love this, its quick, simple, easy and effective. Its one eyeshadow, a brown pencil and mascara and you have a stunning grungy eye. She balances this out with the famous Mac Soar Lip Liner and makes this look perfectly '90s.

So there you have it, hopefully after watching all of these videos you will have mastered the art of makeup for glasses. I know that I spent a lot of time watching videos when I first got my glasses and some weren't as useful as I had wished. I hope I have helped someone by shortlisting the tutorials I found most helpful and saved you hours of youtube watching. 


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Pat McGrath Inspired Makeup

Hello everyone! I don't only take inspiration from art work you know, sometimes it comes from anything and anyone, and with this place being an 'inspiration hub' I shall not confine myself to the art eye box. Today I wanted to talk about one of my favourite makeup artists, and one of my biggest inspirations in life, Pat McGrath.

The greatness of Pat McGrath should not be underestimated. She had worked hard throughout her successful career to get to where she is. Not only is she talented with makeup but she is also talented in being a freaking awesome woman. Just check out her twitter and instagram, which is a must if you want to see amazing makeup flashbacks from her career . One of the things I admire about this woman is her ability to find inspiration and beauty in just about anything, but also in other people's work and isn't afraid to share and promote what she loves. What I love about her as a makeup artist is her insane use of colour and shape. She really works the abstract into the face and combines the two into something coherent that just works as a piece of art.

Back in May she did the makeup for a Louis Vuitton Cruise 2016 show, the main models were fresh faced, bushy browed with an accent of monochrome dots placed either above or below their arches (more on this dot trend to come soon). However, some models who greeted the guests were made up more creatively. The combination of bold colours in geometric shapes with pale white bases, reminiscent of Ziggy Stardust, is fun and embrasses everything McGrath. In true Hidden Gem fashion I have gone for the look which I found the least amount of pictures for (only these two exist on the internet apparently), but I couldn't help myself.

I have been obsessing about this makeup since the show which was three months ago now so I just need to re create it and get it out of my system. My only downfall is that I don't have a mohawk. In my excitement I may have done it the opposite way on my face, because I was working straight from the photo and my brain didn't comprehend that I would have to flip it. *sigh* BUT I hope you enjoy it anyway, because I loved the 2 hours I spent turning myself purple and yellow (sarcasm not intended).

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer
Snazaroo Face Paint (White, Yellow and Red)
Sleek Ultra Mattes V1 Palette
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Black Kohl Pencil
Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Mascara
Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in No. 30

The white base was the hardest part of this surprisingly, it took so long to get an even application but I am sure it would be easier with better quality face/body paint. I used a base on the yellow to red fades because these colours are usually hard to work with and these were the more defined shapes so it helped to give it structure. I wish I had done a base of the purple.  I did kick myself after I was sorting out these photos and I realised that I had done it the wrong way round but this is where I claim it's artistic licence. I am really pleased with this over all, and I had lots of fun being all the colours for a few hours on a Tuesday night.


Monday, 3 August 2015

July's Hidden Gem's

Hey everyone! Something a little bit different from me this time around. I've been wanting to introduce something a bit different and chatty to this blog for a while. It does take me a while to plan and prepare for the art eye posts so I am very aware that I don't post regularly. I feel like it would be nice if everyone got to know me a bit better and we just had a little bit of a natter. So grab a cuppa and prepare to find out about what I have been loving this month.

July has been a pretty exciting month music wise because my favourite artist, Gabrielle Aplin, has released three singles from her upcoming album (due in September which is way too long to wait). Unsurprisingly I have loved every single song so far. One of the reasons Gabrielle is my favourite is her lyrics, she has such a talent for songwriting and it allows you to connect with every single word that she sings beautifully. I also love the brilliant instrumental aspect of her songs which you can't often find in the top 40 these days. She recently released 'What Did You Do?' on Spotify and Youtube, and it is available if you pre order her album. I have had it on repeat for about three days now and I can't get enough.

This month saw the finale of 'My Mad Fat Diary', all of which you can watch on 4od right now, and what an emotional rollercoaster that was. Ending its last series with three incredible episodes, we saw Rae make her hardest decision yet and learn that sometimes you need to be strong for yourself and not for anyone else. This show has been fantastic, the storyline, the characters and the wonderful music (of which you can find a playlist on Spotify which I have also been loving this month, which I will include in this post) are all perfectly combined. Sharon Rooney (the actress who plays Rae) deserves so much recognition for playing such a hard and difficult role so well. I have loved this programme so much because it resonates with me so much and I was sad to see it end but happy that it ended how it should of, not with the ultimate happy ending, or the saddest twist, but with Rae actually living her life, something she has never been able to do until that moment. I would 100% recommend this.

Summer is one of my favourite months, and although right now in England it is raining and barely summer now but we will just forget about that. I have been loving stripes so much, they are so summery and work with basically everything. In particular I have two pieces I have been loving. One is an oversized top with thin navy stripes from H&M, the other is a smock dress from Primark which has bold blue stripes. Both of them are so comfy and easy to wear in the day and night with the right accessories. Love, love, love.

And lastly, my beauty favourite has been the Maybelline Colour Drama lip pencil in Fab Orange. It is gorgeous! It's not a pure orange, it does lean a little on the red side but it is absolutely lovely. The product is really comfortable to wear, it lasts for a long time, and it also smells really nice. You can just apply it from the pencil but it is a bit big and my lips are very thin so I tend to use a lip brush to get a crisp edge. But oh my god it is such a nice colour for a summer evening. I may have to make a blog post about my go to Summer Evening Makeup just to include this lip pencil!

That is it folks, hopefully some decent recommendations for you there. Unfortunately summer seems to have left us early this year in the UK, but I have a secret love for Autumn so I'm not too fussed! Seeing as I have lot's of spare time at the moment, I am going to try my hardest to blog loads in August, so make sure you keep up with me on social media! Until next time.